Carnival of Shadows

Skabaret Punk from New Jersey, USA

The Carnival of Shadows is a Skabaret Punk band from New Jersey, USA. What is Skabaret punk? It’s the term we coined to represent the blend of ska, cabaret, punk, swing, and Latin music into our sound!

Founded in 2011, the band has evolved to it’s current form through trials and tragedies. Just like life itself, we grow from experiences, hardships and grief, and we celebrate the small victories between the dark moments –  a celebration of light in darkness,  a Carnival of Shadows.

Upcoming Shows

Jan 27th 2024  –  Millhill Basement – Trenton, New Jersey

Tri-State Ska Show with The What Nows?!, Not From Concentrate, and your Best Nightmare

Feb 13th, 2024 –  Salty’s Beach Bar – Belmar, New Jersey

Mardi Gras Party with Eye Defy, Not From Concentrate


Band Members:

Nelson  Bayas – Drums

Andrew Hill – Trombone

Andrew Slick – Bass, Backup Vocals

Randy Wilson – Guitar, Vocals


“Dark Circus” artwork by Luis Beltran –